7 diseases that can be detected by the eyes


Many people benefit from massages on specific points of the feet, which correspond to whole body parts, to detect or relieve symptoms of illness. But even if there is no massage for the eyes, they can also be very useful for the health of the body in general. This is because they show several symptoms of diseases that affect our entire system, especially the vascular.

Dr. Renato Neves, director-president of Eye Care Hospital, listed seven diseases that can be detected through symptoms manifested in the eyeball. Take a look:

1) Diabetes

According to the ophthalmologist, when the blood glucose rate (blood glucose concentration) is high, characterizing hyperglycemia, there may be a change in the degree of vision to more or less, making it a little blurred.

“According to the Brazilian Diabetes Society, it is a chronic disease that affects more than 12 million Brazilians – at least half of them don’t know it,” he said.

It is also important to remember that the control of the blood glucose rate can slow down the appearance of alterations in the retina or decrease its severity. “Therefore, it is always important that the diabetic receives permanent monitoring from an ophthalmologist,” recommends Dr. Neves.

2) Hypoglycemia

You’ve seen that the eyes are really friends with diabetics, right? They also help detect people’s terrible moments of hypoglycemia.

“One of the causes of involuntary eye twitching is low blood glucose. In some cases, this condition is accompanied by tremors, sweating, blurred vision, and even convulsions,” says the expert.

It is indicated that complementary tests are done to check the possibility of diabetes or other metabolic diseases, as well as liver, kidneys and pancreas.

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