No Salt ? What Are The Changes On Your Body


The human body can’t live without some sodium « SALT » . It’s needed to transmit nerve impulses, contract and relax muscle fibers (including those in the heart and blood vessels), and maintain a proper fluid balance. It doesn’t take much to do this.

Sodium « SALT » is an important component that helps regulate fluid levels in the body.


Although it is possible to not get enough salt in your diet, the vast majority actually consume more than they need.

“Large studies and evidence have linked sodium intake to high blood pressure.”

Too much sodium causes the body to retain water to balance it out, which leads to increased blood volume and pressure on circulation.

And when we stop eating salt, some changes occur in the body, and we review them for you according to what some scientific studies have shown :

Seven symptoms that occur to the body if it is absent from salt :

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