Phytoenergetics: alternative healing therapy without side effect


Just imagine a natural system of healing through plant energy. No chemistry or medicine, just well being! This treatment exists and is called phytoenergetics. The system consists of healing not the disease, but the patient. According to Fitoenergetica, many diseases are caused by some personal and emotional imbalance. The goal is to treat the body and mind through natural solutions.

Fitoenergetica started with holistic therapists and writers Patricia Cândido and Bruno J. Gimenes. Profound connoisseurs of various types of treatments, the founders of the Instituição Luz da Serra work with various alternative therapies available to improve the health of body and soul.

Bruno highlights that through treatments with Phytoenergetics, the feelings that originate the diseases are treated. “The goal is to treat the sick and not the disease, that is, to observe in each one the energies that need to be treated and focus on them, instead of only dedicating ready-made recipes of specific plants to specific problems”, he teaches.

“Phytoenergetics provides the elevation of consciousness and stimulates deep antiegoism feelings, generating influence on the subtle anatomy of living beings, and acting on the causes that generate diseases,” explains Patrícia, who highlights the fact that Phytoenergetics uses small quantities of plants, different from traditional teas. “That is why the treatments do not offer any contraindications or generate side effects,” she says.

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